Your Voice Matters

With the holidays here this month, it can sometimes feel like you are drowning in twinkle lights and festive songs. The holiday season is certainly a joyous one, in most cases, but it can be easy to lose your sense of direction in a month full of frosted cookies and family gatherings.

Here at Open Book Open Hearts, we want to take this month to pause and let you know that your voice matters. There are so many stories to tell, from so many points of view. Everyone has a story that is unique and lovely. It’s a story that can make others think differently, commiserate, or even build empathy.

This season, we encourage you to find your voice and rest in the fact that your story matters. Even if you think that your life is relatively ordinary or boring, we think that you have something to share with us and our readers. We are so confident, in fact, that our readers have stories and opinions that matter, that we are planning a campaign to actively seek submissions from our readers.

Grab your journal, laptop, or cell phone. We want you to make a video, write a poem, or bring your story to life through words. Start brainstorming and considering your voice. We can’t wait to hear more from you!

Your voice matters. Your story is important. But just as vital as your story is the story of others. Listening to others is how we are able to change, reflect, and encourage.

In 2017, as we start out on a new year, we want to walk through the year with you. We want to spend more time asking for your opinion and reading your stories. We want to start a movement of storytelling that encourages creativity and bravery.

Will you join us?

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant”
– Albert Einstein

“Life is in harmony with you when you are in harmony with life”

“Quietude is an essential prelude to wisdom”

The Millennials

Happy New Year! Certainly, 2017 will be an interesting and exciting one, full of personal and global changes. Here at Open Book Open Hearts, we are also using the new year as a tipping point for our website. As January begins, we are actively pursuing contributors to our website. We want to hear what you have to say about issues and topics that affect us all!

As we begin our new venture, we want to start with a group of individuals who are already on their way to change the world – the Millennials. If you are a Millennial, or love one, you likely have a story. This particular generation is the first that has grown up with readily accessible technology, and a generation that has gotten somewhat of a bad reputation from their Greatest Generation and Generation X elders.

The Millennial Generation is steeped in controversy, including when the generation started. Some start the Millennial generation as early as babies born in 1978, while others claim babies born before 1985 are not Millennials. However, one thing is clear – Millennials were born in a time where technology was everywhere and the world was radically changing into a more global narrative.

You may have heard different stereotypes of Millennials ranging from good – their generation has significantly decreased teenage pregnancy or drug abuse – to the bad – they can’t take criticism or hold down a job with “normal” working hours. However, the Millennials are much more complex than just the concept that everyone needs a trophy. They are freethinkers and more likely to be curious about people that aren’t like them, as opposed to cautious or hateful. Millennials have a strong relationship with their families, and tend to be more inclusive than their generational predecessors.

We know that the statistics of Millennials are just that – broad strokes over a varied and intriguing population. We want to know more about the individuals that make up this misunderstood generation, and that’s where you come in. What do you have to say about Millennials? We can’t wait to hear.

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