If you have been following us here at Open Book Open Hearts for the past few months, you know that we have been asking our readers to respond to some political questions. However, we are trying to start conversations that aren’t just the typical “Trump: Love Him or Hate Him?” questions that you may hear in your everyday life. We’ve covered topics ranging from how people from different generations get their news and reliable information, as well as the role of government itself. This month, we are posing a question that may separate pessimists from optimists.

What’s up with America these days? Is our country on the verge of collapse or are we on the verge of positive change and renewed vigor? Could the answer be a combination of both?

There is certainly a sense of division in America right now, and even the most positive optimists can agree that there is a need for more positive conversation between opposing sides. But among all of the division that we see from Congress to our dining room tables, if we continue down this path, what are the short term and long term consequences for our democracy, relationships, and foreign policy?

As we do every month here at Open Book Open Hearts, we are soliciting your opinions and viewpoints. After all, everyone has a story and each story is the opportunity for a reader to learn something new or soften their approach to a viewpoint that may be different than their own. Write your opinion about where you think our country is heading – either collapse or positive chance, or a combination of both – and send it to us for review. We will work on reading submissions and publishing them on our blog.

We can’t wait to hear how your life story gives you insight into the possible future of our country. Let’s learn from one another and make a positive change!