If anything is certain throughout the past 80 years, it is that Baby Boomers are changing the culture. This generation has been the subject of many research studies, and marketing professionals seek to harness the purchasing power of Boomers no matter what stage of life they are in. In true Boomer form, this generation is bucking stereotypes of aging as they settle into retirement.

The Baby Boomer generation has been the first generation to demand more from their retirement and aging experience. For many adults in this generation, they are seeking to defy their true age, living instead as the age that they feel. How are they doing it?

Active Lifestyles
Baby Boomers are living more active lifestyles and choosing healthier options than generations from the past. Opting for a hike instead of a game of Bingo is paying off, giving Boomers the chance to feel much younger than they are.

Better Services
Thanks to the Boomers, services available to seniors are expanding. Senior living communities are offering yoga classes and technology courses, amenities unheard of just a few decades ago. Coffee shops are popping up in local senior centers and doctors provide multiple treatment options to this savvy generation. Fortunately, generations to come will benefit from these senior services, and Boomers are able to be more healthy in their older years.

Continuous Learning
Boomers are also a generation that is refusing to stop learning. More and more seniors are choosing to audit college courses, and senior trips are often focused around an educational theme. This commitment to brain health gives Boomers the chance to defy their age and surprise their children.

Do you think that Boomers are aging differently than generations past? Or, are you a Boomer who is choosing to live differently as you age? We would love to hear your thoughts on defying age! Submit your story or point of view and we may publish you on our website!