Baby Boomers

Who Are the Baby Boomers?

Everyone has heard of the Baby Boomers – the first generation to really change the world around them. Marketing professionals have studied them, companies have been founded (and destroyed) because of them. The Baby Boomer influence has reinvented industries for decades, as companies consistently seek to gain their favor. Now, as the Boomers plow toward retirement, health care companies and senior living communities are changing the way they do business in order to meet the high expectations of the Boomers.

One Thing is Certain

The Boomers will continue to change the world until they leave it. But, this power isn’t gained without a few negative stereotypes. Are Boomers really selfish? Do they really dislike other generations? Are they set in their ways and inflexible?



Your voice matters. Your story is important. But just as vital as your story is the story of others. Listening to others is how we are able to change, reflect, and encourage.

Will you join us?

Baby Boomers

As with all generations, the stereotypes are not always true. However, the Boomers do have something to say.

What do you have to say about your Boomer experience? Tell us and you have the chance to be published on our site.

Baby Boomer Articles

FEAR-The challenge for all of us in all generations

My body, my mind, and my soul is floating through profound darkness. The twine cuts my wrists and ankles. I sense uncertainty and doubt around me hiding in trees and shrubs close by. I hear the howling of the distant wind predicting threats to come. I know nothing...

What You Should Know About Hospice and Palliative Care

Each year, November is designated as National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. This awareness campaign is aimed at giving people the opportunity to learn more about hospice services, as well as to empower people to make decisions that can create a quality of life...

Ways to Leave a Legacy and Preserve Memories

Life is made up of memories; special moments, important celebrations, even sad milestones build personalities, beliefs, and histories. For active older adults, recording memories to pass along to younger generations can become an urgent priority. Family history is...

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