The Baby Boomer generation continues to change the world, especially as they enter retirement age. Senior care communities have been anticipating their arrival for two decades now and have been adapting their apartments, activities, and meals to best suit these active seniors. However, before many of these Boomers move into senior care communities, they are overwhelmed by the decisions they are making for their own elderly parents or loved ones.

If you are a Boomer, or are caring for an aging loved one, you too may be confused about the different types of care available for older adults. Here is what you need to know about specific levels of care to get started on your decision-making process.

Independent Living

Independent Living communities are for seniors who are safe to live on their own, but are perhaps looking for the opportunity to socialize with neighbors and friends down the hall. These communities often feature apartments will kitchens, as well as the opportunity to grab dinner in the dining room with friends, as well as a nurse on staff during business hours to answer any minor medical questions.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living communities feature 24 hour, around the clock, supervision and care from caregivers and nursing staff. These communities feature apartments for residents, as well as three delicious meals served in the community dining room, a full calendar of daily engaging activities, and peace of mind for seniors who need an extra hand getting dressed in the mornings.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing Communities, or SNFs, are ideal for older adults who have chronic and complex medical needs. These communities are staffed around the clock by nurses and caregivers who assist with daily tasks, medication management, and much more. Residents typically have rooms of their own, or rooms to share, and enjoy engaging activities, three meals delicious meals per day, and medical visits onsite.

Memory Care

Finally, Memory Care communities are perfect for seniors who have Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementia. These communities are designed with the senior in mind, offering a safe and calming environment, failure free activities, and meals that offer dignity to the residents.

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