For the past few months, we have taken time to actively learn more about the Millennial Generation. Poised to shape the workplace, home, and globe, these Millennials will continue to be an important piece of our nation’s vision and history. We have actively sought your opinions about this generation, and how their values and quirks differ from your own. What an interesting few months it has been!


We wanted to continue our exploration of the Millennial Generation by taking a look at dating, relationships and gender. This month, we would love to see you submit your stories about what it means to look for (and stay in) love as a young adult in today’s world. Here are a few things to consider as you get started on your submission.


On Dating
It is easy to see that dating in 2017 is drastically different from dating in 1950 or even 1980. Apps and online venues make partner selection quick; a decision made to swipe right or left based on a series of photos and a clever bio. Is this dating more efficient for a busy world, or is it taking some of the romance out of the equation?


On Relationships

Relationships are always hard work, no matter the generation. However, do the Millennials have a jump on other generations in regards to relationship success? Millennials are more likely to have come from a home with divorced parents, and this childhood can have an effect on their own relationships as an adult. Are Millennials more likely to seek out therapy to keep their own health, and their relationship health, on track?


On Gender

Finally, the Millennial generation has made major strides when it comes to gender equality, fluidity, and roles. While society certainly has much more work to do, this generation has given us a focus on the role that gender plays at work and at home. What, if any, gender roles do Millennials seek when it comes to relationships?


We are excited to hear what you have to say. Don’t forget to submit your stories to us!