Have you ever experienced that heart gripping terror rising from your chest into your throat? If you are a parent it is likely that at some time during the growth of your children that some event led you to fear for their safety and that gnawing in your chest and the denial in your mind persisted until you knew they were safe.
I am a physician specializing in lung disease and intensive care for 30 years. I have seen and treated patients with life threatening and life ending conditions many times over those years. I am also the father of six wonderful children who are now all grown and successfully on their own.  However, my having the knowledge and experience that I have made the following experience all the worse.
A few years ago my fourth and fifth children (daughters) were high school cheer leaders. Beautiful, smart and talented (OK I am biased, but it is true), like many teenagers, they were a little short in the judgement department. With school and their many social and extracurricular activities, they were burning the candle at every end available.
It was a Friday night when they were driving to cheer at a high school basketball game. Both girls were exhausted. My older daughter was driving. As they came off the ramp onto the interstate expressway both girls dozed off. The car wandered across the median towards oncoming traffic striking a reflector immediately awakening my daughter. She overcorrected and drove back across the road she had just left. Fortunately, she did not encounter any traffic as she crossed (and this during rush hour!). The car then rolled front to back 4 times and then side over side several times.  During this time, my daughter who was doing the driving says she felt calm and knew that they would be OK. She was right. She suffered an abrasion on her nose. Her sister suffered a sprained wrist and a corneal abrasion from the air bag. I was grateful that our years of insistence regarding the use of seat belts had paid off and both girls were appropriately belted in.
Shortly thereafter, I received that phone call that no parent wants to get. It was my son advising me that he had received a call at home from his sister. They had been in an accident but were both OK and would be taken to the hospital to be checked out. He told me that my wife was on her way to the accident scene. I called and told her to go straight to the hospital as that was where they would be taken.
In order for me to get to the hospital I would need to take that same expressway and I got caught up in that traffic jam. By the grace of God it was too dark for me to see the car in the ditch as I drove by. If I had, it would have precipitated a panic attack!!
As a physician, I was well aware of the delayed effects of this kind of trauma and the heart gripping anxiety remained with me during this drive. I then received a call from my wife (an experienced and knowledgeable nurse) who reassured me that she was with the girls and they were both OK. My eyes welled up and I thanked God for sparing them.
When I arrived at the hospital I entered the ER through the staff entrance and immediately located the bay holding my girls. The younger one was sitting up eating. The older remained on a back board waiting for final      x-ray reports but had a normal exam.
Tears were now running down my face and my daughter reprimanded me for embarrassing them. I responded that there are a few special moments in life when it is not only accepted but also expected that a man cry. This was one of those moments. Shortly thereafter both girls were discharged to home.
Here is the point at which the story reveals the miracle.
1.    My daughter felt a sense of calm and safety while the car was rolling
2.    She was awakened and avoided a head-on collision when hitting a reflector
3.    Although during rush hour, she avoided a collision when she crossed over the expressway heading for the ditch
4.    Although the car was totaled, they suffered only minor injuries
5.    The first people at the scene included an off-duty Paramedic and ironically a man who makes white crosses to be placed at the site of lethal accidents.
6.    Rescuers to whom we talked at the hospital, to a man, were astounded. There is no way either daughter survives this accident.
7.    We saw the car the next day. It was crushed with the exception of the space around the front seat where they were sitting
Most miraculous, however, was my daughter’s recollection that after they were extracted from the vehicle, the rescuers were panicking that they could not find “the man in the back seat” whom they had seen when first approaching the car. There was no man riding with the girls. Or was there?
Several years ago, my wife and daughters went horseback riding when we were on a vacation out west. We had all gone out earlier that day and the girls wanted to go again. My son and I were not interested and elected to wait at the ranch office. Several minutes later I was terrified to see the guide come racing back to the office and seconds later see a pickup truck racing out again. The truck returned in a few minutes with my wife in the front seat. Her horse had been startled by something in the brush, bucked up and fell over. My wife sustained a mild concussion but was otherwise uninjured. The amazing part of the story is that she clearly heard someone say to her to roll in the opposite direction avoiding being crushed under the weight of the horse. Neither daughter nor the guide had said a word as they watched in horror.
That same dear wife has on two occasions driven out on poorly marked railroad crossings at night. Both times trains were bearing down on her. On the first occasion she actually hesitated while wondering what “that bright light” was. However, she managed to get off the tracks just in time in both cases.
As a physician, I have been trained to believe in objective and demonstrable scientific fact. We doctors start off committed to those principles. But when we observe the scientifically unexplainable (spontaneous remissions of advanced cancer, recovery from what appeared to be lethal traumatic injuries, patients staving off the hour of death till a beloved family member arrives etc) we are in awe of the mystery of life and the human spirit that surrounds us much less the presence of God in our world. It appears that miracles occur, that mind-body medicine touches on the mystery of self-healing and unfortunately self-destruction. It has made me stand in awe how these matters are all interlinked in some way and manifest the presence the presence of a Supreme Being in our midst.
So now I believe in angels with a profound trust that God’s angels watch over my family. We are truly blessed. Thank you, God, for taking care of us.