Get Involved

Having been involved in health care for many years, I have become aware of the foibles and frailties of the human spirit. I have also been blessed to see its strength, power, and beauty. For this reason I am committed to developing a website which addresses such topics. What is fear? Is there a personal Deity who relates to me and cares about me? Why marriage? Do you believe in miracles? The challenges and rewards in parenting.

These are but a few of the many potential topics. It is our intention to develop a forum for authors to express opinions regarding life and the living of it. We will establish ongoing discussions within categories of opinion to explore topics in greater depth. We are not looking specifically for scholarly research nor expert opinion but for the experienced opinion of people from all walks of life.

We will begin with the written word but as the organization develops, it is our hope to form discussion groups to videotape and place on the website. Ultimately we plan to establish a speaker’s bureau.

1. Incentives (Why do this?)
1) Provide the world with soul stirring stories
2) Become a noted author
3) Be part of an organization bigger than the self
a. Participate in the notoriety
b. Obtain income beyond your own efforts – % from the greater organization
c. Develop relationships with like-minded people and a network
d. Be part of a major movement to teach the health care community to emphasize love for the patient and the patient’s family from every person involved in their care
e. For those receptive, to bring to the bedside a spiritual presence consistent with their philosophy
4) Develop leadership skills and experience
5) Develop the ability to focus on others needs and wants through empathic listening
6) Help the world to see the more human side of health care and the positive parts
7) This is an opportunity to share ideas and hear the ideas of others
8) Enhance speaking skills within an organization of speakers
9) Qualify for Ted
10) Present your thoughts, ideas, and visions with larger groups of people

So please join us on this journey at as we develop and grow our program.

Thomas C Liske MD FCCP
Susan Worline M. Ed.