Ah, sweet summertime. In this season, it can be easy to become overscheduled with vacation plans or extra events on your calendar. However, this extra activity can leave you feeling exhausted, stressed out, and even a bit cranky. This year, consider making the summer a chance for you to actively and intentionally slow down. Here are just a few ways you can recharge and reset this season.

Close Your Eyes
Slowing down begins with the habit of spending time with yourself daily. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and try to keep an open mind for a few minutes. It can be more challenging than you may expect! But you will get better with practice. You can spend this time meditating or praying or simply sitting still.

Unplug Your Devices
Speaking of quieting down, make sure you are spending plenty of time away from your tablets, phones, and televisions every day. Too much screen time is bad for the eyes, the brain, and the attention span.

Try a New Hobby
Learning something new requires us to slow down and break our routine. This summer, set a goal to learn something new. You may choose to learn how to garden or how to speak French – no matter what you choose, give it your best effort!

Get Outside
Nature is a beautiful space to slow down. Try going on an early morning walk or searching for birds on your daily bike ride. Pushing your hands in the dirt while you garden can be therapeutic in more than on way as well. Set time aside to be in nature as often as you can in the course of the week.

What are your plans for this summer? We hope that in the midst of your trips and time off, that you take time to slow down and enjoy it. Mindfulness begins when we slow down and pay attention to what surrounds us. Tell us how you are planning on slowing down this summer – your submission may be published on our site.

Cheers to a slowed down summer!