How it Began

Thomas Liske MD is a retired physician having completed 35 years in clinical practice. He is a board certified Internist and Pulmonologist with a broad experience in the clinical practice of medicine. He is neither an academic nor a researcher. His career was centered around patient care on a day-to-day basis. This wealth of experience has given him an understanding of the human spirit and the mystery of life. He is also an observer of the human scene. The many rapid changes occurring in our world led him to reflect on how and why things are changing and how to learn more about it.
This project was given birth when he retired from medical practice. Needing something to do with his time, he determined that he would like to address his interests. Thus he looked to the above. He decided that he wanted to share his experiences and interests with the world and seek out the experiences and opinions of others. The internet seemed to be the best way to accomplish this. About that time he ran into a hospice representative conducting a presentation at the nursing home where his mother-in-law was residing. When you focus on a goal the people you need will show up. She is a very talented high quality person and this became apparent immediately. With her integrity, principles, and people skills, I knew she was an ideal person to partner with on this project. Together, we are working to use this website to assist nonprofit organizations to increase their donations as well as develop conversations with the world in general as a part of what we do. We intend that this project will also provide a profit to all of its contributors in order to incentivize participation.
We invite you to participate in this process. It is our intention that it opens to you not only whole new worlds but also better insights into our current world.