At Open Book Open Hearts, we are genuinely interested in hearing your opinion, story, and perspective. Over the first part of 2017, we focused on talking about the generational divide that can happen between Millennials, Boomers, and GenXers. While we may not have come to a perfect consensus, we did all learn a lot about trends ranging from dating to spending. Listening to one another matters, and having conversations that make everyone feel valued can make a difference!


In the next few months, we will be wading into more choppy waters – politics. It seems as though our cities, states, and country are more divided day by day. However, we know that if we can create a safe space for discussion and opinions of all types, our contributors and readers may gain a new perspective. We aren’t afraid to talk politics – are you?


We would love to hear your opinions on the political climate of our country and of our world. You can submit your stories via our website – you just may be published on our site and social media pages! Your voice and opinion matter – won’t you consider joining our conversation?


This month, we are focused on the basics – where do you get your news? So much of your opinion is shaped by the information you gather from personal sources, newspapers, podcasts, and neighbors. Are you a news junkie or do you tend to only watch the weather forecast in the morning before work? Do you double check information before you share it on your social media channels or do you believe it must be true if it is on the internet?


In order to have positive conversations, we must all be sure we are hearing similar facts. Where do you find yours and how do you check your information before you count it as true?


Let’s discover more about one another as we dive into the political conversation!