Each year, November is designated as National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. This awareness campaign is aimed at giving people the opportunity to learn more about hospice services, as well as to empower people to make decisions that can create a quality of life even at the end of life.

No matter if you have had experience with hospice care or if you are completely new to the service, there is always something new to learn about compassionate end of life care and support. Here are just a few facts for you to consider.

It’s Never Too Early To Talk About It

End of life care is still seen as a taboo or morbid subject among most family members and friends. However, it is wise to have the discussion about your end of life wishes long before you get a terminal or serious diagnosis. Take time now to not only work with your attorney to complete Power of Attorney declarations but to also talk candidly to trusted family members and friends about what you want your end of life experience to look and feel like. When the time comes, your loved ones will feel confident in their decisions knowing your preferences ahead of time.

Hospice Benefits Survivors

Hospice and Palliative Care services are geared to make the patient comfortable for as long as possible. However, survivors are often the ones who most benefit from the services hospice workers provide. Grief support groups, spiritual support, and additional resources are just a few ways hospice services give survivors the support to navigate this difficult time.

Hospice Isn’t Just For a Few Days

Unfortunately, some hospice clients receive hospice services for just a few days before passing away. However, when the hospice referral system is working correctly, clients can benefit from services for years prior to passing away.

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