Do you ever take a moment to wonder what mark you are leaving on this world? For many of us, life moves by so quickly and we are simply too busy working, parenting, traveling, or planning for our next big move to sit in stillness and contemplate the idea of a legacy. This month, we encourage you to put your work emails aside for just a few minutes each day to ponder your own unique perspective on legacy.

Leaving a Legacy for Your Family

Our lives are full of stories – the big ones and the small ones all add up to who we are and how we view the world. At Open Book Open Hearts, we value the impact of a story, knowing that a story can give us a new perspective. One way to leave a legacy for your family, and for generations to come, is to tell your stories. How do you share your stories and experiences?

Some people choose to journal or have found a home sharing stories on a personal blog. Others use audio recordings or storytelling services that transform answers to questions into a bound book to pass along to your grandkids. In any case, your legacy of your story and your experience can give your family members the chance to learn from your mistakes and to grow from your success.

Leaving a Legacy for Others

Beyond your stories, you can also leave a legacy in your interactions with your family, coworkers, and strangers. Do you encourage others and inspire greatness in even small conversations, or are you sowing seeds of doubt or anger in those you encounter? This month, take time to consider how you make people feel when you are with them. Perhaps this is the biggest legacy you can leave for the greater world.

How to Start

How will you start examining your legacy this month? We would love to hear your thoughts on legacy, as well as how you do (or don’t do) it. Let’s learn from one another and grow together!