When you classify yourself politically, what are the terms that you use? Some use general terms like Democrat or Republican, while others use more specific descriptions like socially liberal or fiscally conservative. No matter which box you put yourself, and your beliefs in, your political attitude has been shaped over time and has been influenced by a number of people or situations.

When it comes to your political view, where did it come from? At Open Book Open Hearts, we are always interested to hear stories from our readers and contributors. There is something to learn from every story and our community grows together as we respectfully engage with others. This month, we would love to hear from you in regards to where your political beliefs came from and how they were shaped throughout time.

Your political views likely started when you were young. Your parents and caregivers had unbelievable influence over you and your beliefs. However, you may now find yourself clashing with your parents or beloved relatives over contrasting political theories. This is natural; you eventually outgrow your childhood beliefs and begin to think for yourself based on your personal experiences.

Your family and experiences aren’t the only influencers when it comes to your political attitude. According to The Independence Hall Association, your political attitude can be shaped from factors like gender, religion, race and ethnicity, and even geographical region. Nowadays, your political view is likely also shaped through more modern influencers like your social media feed and the news sources that you consume.

Political attitudes are constantly evolving based on a variety of factors. We would love to hear about any specific situation, person, or influencer that led you toward your current ideology. Submit your thoughts to us and perhaps you will be published on our website.

We look forward to hearing from you!