Politics in America isn’t the same now as it was decades ago. The addition of social media and easy access to (not always reliable) information on the internet gives everyone the chance to educate themselves on topics close to their heart. However, these advances in technology can also keep people in their preferred political “bubble”, never getting the chance to have an in-person conversation with someone who has different views than them.

As we continue to pursue our dive into the political conversation at Open Book Open Hearts, we wanted to talk a bit more about how people throughout America and the globe educate themselves on the issues they hear about on television and read about online. How do you find out about political topics like health care and budget? We would love to find out how you personally choose to educate yourself about the topics, or how you have seen others in your social or family circle find out about the world around them.

Social Media and Celebrity Culture
For some people – or perhaps many people – social media has become a news source more easily accessed than the evening television news. Gone are the days when families circled around the television to watch Tom Brokaw give the top stories of the day. Instead, you can quickly scroll through Twitter or Facebook to get the news of the day in real time. While the news is readily accessible online, is it the best place to receive education about real issues that affect us?

Beyond news in your social media feed or internet home page, the celebrity culture we live in can give celebrities even more influence over many of our lifestyle choices. Celebrities can give us recommendations on favorite foods and current style, as well as what social cause to support or even who to vote for. Without proper knowledge of what issues affect you, it can be easy to become swept up in what your favorite celebrities suggest.

How do you get informed on issues that are hotly debated in Washington and abroad? Tell us and you could be published on our site. We can’t wait to hear from you!