Thanks to technology, workers around the world no longer are bound to a 9-5 office job to earn money. The freelance market has grown in leaps and bounds, offering more freedom and income to all types of workers. Both Millennials and Boomers are taking advantage of these new opportunities, picking up extra hours to earn extra cash.

Side Hustles for Everyone

Online platforms and services offer MIllennials and Boomers the chance to get paid for their skills and time. Whether being a driver for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, or offering consulting services via a freelance platform like Fiverr, Millennials and Boomers are succeeding in their quest to earn extra money while still enjoying their preferred lifestyle.

Millennials and Side Hustles

For Millennials, lifestyle and freedom have always been important. Using freelance platforms, Millennials are able to work whenever they want and wherever they want. For Millennials working to save up for a home, for a dream vacation, or for something else, a side hustle provides the opportunity to make money outside their “normal” job. They can choose their availability and work the hours they choose to. For some budding entrepreneurs, they can sell their skills across multiple platforms and become a full-time freelancer.

Boomers and Side Hustles

Boomers worked hard for their retirement, but also still have time and skills to offer the world. A side hustle, whether walking a dog or copywriting, gives a Boomer the chance to supplement retirement income while still making a difference in the working world. The technology is easy and Boomers take comfort in working within verified platforms to decrease the risk.

What About You?

Are you working a side hustle that you love? We want to hear about it! Tell us what is working for you and how you stumbled upon freelancing in the first place. Submit your story and you could be published on our website.