As the Boomers continue to age into retirement, they are keeping up with their promise to redefine aging. Unlike the generations before them, the Boomers are committed to staying as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, by taking advantage of technology, prevention practices, and exercise.

Staying physically active is a key component to aging well, and the Boomer generation is showing us there are many ways to do it. If you are moving into retirement, or even if you aren’t quite there yet, consider adding a healthy dose of movement into your daily routine.

Benefits of staying physically active
Aging adults benefit greatly from a commitment to regular physical activity. In addition to the weight management and strength building usually associated with exercise, seniors get even more from moving their bodies. For example, staying physically active in your senior years can help you stay flexible and have better balance; both of these qualities can decrease your chances of falling and increase the chances of you being able to get up without injury if you would fall. Older adults who are physically active also have increased immune system function and can even stave off memory loss. Plus, all those endorphins released during physical activity makes anyone who exercises feel great.

How to get active
If you have never considered yourself as physically active, you don’t have to be afraid to get started at any age. Start by choosing something you enjoy doing. Take a neighborhood walk with a friend or stroll along a trail to look for wildlife. Join a water aerobics class or lap swim, garden or try a yoga class. There are a million ways to get active, and none of them require a commitment to run a marathon (although you can do that too!).

We would love to hear how you stay active in your retirement years, along with the benefits you see and feel from moving your body. Send us your thoughts and you could be published on our site!