The tall narrow palm trees stand at the corners like ancient feathered warriors eternally on duty. There is a soft hum as the breeze passes gently through the leaves. The warm spring air is refreshingly cooled by a small ivory cloud passing across the solar rays. A squirrel pauses, sits up on its haunches, surveys its options      and scurries off to its next target.

This sacred present moment obliterates all past and future moments. There is nothing that exists other this “now”. All fear, doubt, and regret have abandoned this arena. Only God (Being) is in this place.

In this one precious moment amidst the sounds of nature there is stillness and silence. Here the universal field manifests the love and unity of all that exists.

When we experience this moment, we touch upon the infinite. We become aware of our spiritual self and escape the outside world, even if only for a moment. We are exposed to peace, power, love joy, serenity, bliss, and abundance in varying degrees. This is a peek into the filter of eternity, a small picture of God’s love and beauty.

The ultimate realization to both the mystic and the quantum physicist is that this is all a great and probably impenetrable mystery. Ultimately, all is reduced to energy manifesting as matter. Thought is a manifestation of energy.  Daily meditation offers a portal to present moment experience.

We tend to lose our awareness of the underlying reality as we go about our day to day activities. Therefore, meditation becomes a mandatory part of our daily routine if we wish to have a life filled with power, peace, love, joy, serenity, bliss, and abundance. In other words, a personally successful world.