Life is made up of memories; special moments, important celebrations, even sad milestones build personalities, beliefs, and histories. For active older adults, recording memories to pass along to younger generations can become an urgent priority. Family history is important, certainly. Patriarchs and matriarchs are passing along family stories, traditions, and histories to younger generations in creative ways.

Have you ever thought about how to leave your stories behind or preserve memories to be shared with generations to come? The good news is you don’t have to be a genealogist or an artist to leave an impact on your children and grandchildren. Here’s how to get started.

Write it Down

Your personal childhood memories and stories you heard your grandparents tell are crucial pieces of your family puzzle. Write down these tidbits in a journal or type them into a shared family document. You don’t have to be an author to complete this task, but if you are looking for some direction, you can use memoir prompts to get your story started.

Make a Quilt

If you couldn’t bear to part with your child’s baptism outfit or your wedding dress, turn these treasured clothes into a quilt. There are many companies that will turn your pieces of fabric into a quilt that will quickly become a family heirloom, full of stories and love.

Food is Important

For many family members, memories are made around a dinner table and with favorite food all around. Turn your family’s recipes into an heirloom book by binding favorites into a book. Try to keep the recipes written in their original handwriting, simply making copies that make a lovely gift.

Talk it Out

If you have stories to tell but don’t have the desire to write it down, consider recording it in video or audio. Make time to record your stories or thoughts, saving them online as audio files or via a private YouTube channel. This option is especially meaningful if you are an animated storyteller.

Do you have a desire to turn your childhood memories into a legacy for your grandkids? If so, how are you working to achieve that goal? We would love to hear from you and learn from one another. Submit your story and we just may publish it on our site!