Human brains are wired to look for trends. We enjoy knowing what comes next, and knowing how a certain situation could play out can help us in making predictions that can affect our decisions. One trend that scientists, historians, and sociologists have loved to review is the trends that appear in certain generations. From the Greatest Generation to the Baby Boomers, Generation X to the Millennials, humans love seeing what traits those in the same generation share, and how those traits can affect everything from product marketing to healthcare choices. While generation traits and trends are just a broad stroke over millions of unique individuals, tracking these generations can help give us a glimpse into society, culture, and the future. Throughout the first months of 2017, Open Book Open Hearts is choosing to focus on one generation in particular – The Millennials. These twenty-somethings are changing the way that we work, play, and live. Are they changing things for the better or for the worse? Well, it depends who you ask. One thing is certain: the Millennials are poised to be one of the most influential generations since the Boomers. They value family and recreation, pushing off set office hours for a more freelance and flexible work schedule. Some older generations note these preferences as lazy, while others say it could bring positive change in regards to work-life balance policies. A major criticism of the Millennial generation is a perceived sense of entitlement. This is where you come in. Do you think most Millennials have a sense of entitlement, even if they haven’t earned the right to be so? If you have a story to share that demonstrates your opinion on this matter, we’d love to hear it. After all, we can all learn from one another’s stories and experiences. Submit your story with our direct link; we just may feature you on our page!